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Chris Berthe

Former front-end manager on the Online Store team at Shopify.

Hello and welcome to my corner of the web! I’m Chris Berthe. My friends call me Bert. We’re friends now... so call me Bert.

Life at Shopify

I worked at Shopify for nearly 6 years. I went from front-end developer to manager, where I oversaw a team of 10 developers who collectively contributed to the storefronts of 2M+ Shopify merchants.

When Covid landed in 2020, I led the development of the Express theme, which we built in 5 weeks in order to help the tens of thousands of offline businesses move their stores online.

In 2021, I helped ship the Online Store 2.0 project (Shopify’s largest initiative at the time). I led the theme development of Shopify’s default Dawn theme and released its source code to the world.

Internally, I was one of six members (one of which included Shopify’s CEO) of the Guardians of the Liquid group. The group’s sole purpose was to ensure Liquid’s API remained simple and to collaborate with countless teams within Shopify that needed to add new features to Liquid.

About me

I live in Montreal, Canada with my “amazing and gorgeous wife Suzanne” (her words). My favourite thing on the planet, apart from my wife (her words), is to cook.

Before Shopify, I worked as a front-end developer at the ALDO Group where I helped develop their brands’ websites, notably ALDO Shoes.

I started my web development career using WordPress and built a number of themes and plugins. I'm the original creator of WordPress Database Reset (sold it) which has over 1.3M+ downloads.

Finally, I use to compete in Unreal Tournament and have played alongside the world's best.